A man and child from Igbariam, c. 1911

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A man and child from Igbariam, c. 1911. MAA Cambridge.
A man and child from Igbariam, c. 1911. Image Source: MAA Cambridge

This photograph, taken around 1911 by Northcote Thomas, is a significant historical artifact that offers a look into the life of the Igbo people in Igbariam. It features a man and a child, captured in a moment that transcends time, providing insight into the familial bonds, and the social environment of the era.

The Depth of ‘Nna’ and ‘Nne’ in Igbo Names

In Igbo culture, names carry deep significance. The term ‘nna’ extends beyond ‘father’ to include the entire lineage, acting as a bridge to the ancestors and their enduring legacy. It’s not just about one’s immediate parent but about the collective ‘umunna,’ the extended family, and their guiding presence in the lives of the living.

Names like ‘Nnamdi,’ meaning ‘my father is alive,’ are imbued with the belief in reincarnation and the ongoing influence of those who have come before. They assert the active role of ancestors in the present, ensuring that the wisdom and strength of past generations continue to resonate within the family line.

Similarly, ‘nne’ names extend beyond the immediate mother to include the broader maternal lineage and the powerful feminine forces within the Igbo worldview. These names often honor ‘Ala,’ the Earth Mother, and underscore the importance of women in nurturing and sustaining the community.

The Significance of Naming in Igbo Culture

Through the practice of naming, the Igbo people weave a narrative that honors their ancestors, acknowledges their roots, and affirms their identity. It is a narrative that speaks to the continuity of life, the reverence for the past, and the hope for the future. This practice ensures that each generation remembers and celebrates the contributions of those who came before.

Reflect on the significance of your name within your culture. How does it connect you to your past, and what does it signify for your future? Share your thoughts and let’s celebrate the rich tapestry of cultural identities.

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IGBO NAMES & MEANING by Onyinye Favour Chibueze

Title: IGBO NAMES & MEANING: A comprehensive article on the view of Ndị-Igbo on Igbo names, including list of Igbo names and their meaning

Author: Onyinye Favour Chibueze

Editor: Kelly Ifeanyi Aghaoba

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"IGBO NAMES & MEANING" explores the cultural significance of Igbo names, revealing the history, philosophy, and traditions of the Igbo people. Igbo names are not merely labels; they are deeply symbolic and reflective of life events and societal values.

Content Summary

Cultural Context The book highlights that Igbo names are thoughtfully chosen. Each name is steeped in meaning and tied to specific circumstances surrounding a child's conception, birth, and life events.

Historical and Philosophical Insights Readers gain insight into the traditional Igbo worldview. Names serve as historical records and philosophical statements about life, fortune, and destiny.

Name List and Meanings A detailed list of Igbo names and their meanings is provided. This allows readers to understand and appreciate the depth of Igbo naming conventions.

Key Features

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This book is particularly useful for those interested in African literature, cultural studies, and linguistics. It’s an excellent resource for understanding Igbo culture, especially in terms of how identity and heritage are conveyed through names.


  • Informative and Educational: Offers thorough insights into Igbo naming traditions.
  • Culturally Rich: Helps preserve and promote understanding of Igbo heritage.
  • Concise: With only 25 pages, it’s a quick yet informative read.


  • Limited Availability: This edition may not be available for purchase in some countries.
  • Short Length: The brevity might leave some readers wanting more detailed exploration.


"IGBO NAMES & MEANING" by Onyinye Favour Chibueze is a valuable addition to literature on African cultural practices. It provides an engaging and educational look at the significance of names in Igbo society, making it a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the depth of meaning behind cultural naming conventions.i

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Title: IGBO NAMES AND THEIR MEANING (MALE / FEMALE) Author: Stanley Nwagwu Format: Kindle Edition Publication Date: October 13, 2022 ASIN: B0BHPBD138 Language: English Print Length: 10 pages 

Overview: Stanley Nwagwu’s book is a cultural gem that offers readers a window into the Igbo tradition of naming. It’s a guide that explains the layers of meaning behind Igbo names, which are often chosen to reflect the family’s history, religious beliefs, and the circumstances of the child’s birth.

Content: The book discusses the grammatical structure of Igbo names and their symbolic significance, emphasizing how these names are intertwined with the Igbo people’s worldview. It also explores the practice of combining a child’s given name with the father’s first name, a tradition that ensures each name carries a unique legacy.

Cultural Significance: “Igbo Names and Their Meaning” serves as an important tool for cultural preservation, ensuring that the rich heritage of Igbo naming customs is passed down through generations. It’s a must-read for parents seeking meaningful names for their children and for anyone interested in the cultural practices of the Igbo people.

Accessibility: This Kindle edition makes the book easily accessible to a global audience, allowing the spread of Igbo culture beyond the borders of Nigeria.

Conclusion: In just 10 pages, Nwagwu manages to encapsulate the essence of Igbo identity through the lens of nomenclature. This book is not just a reference but a celebration of the Igbo spirit, making it a valuable addition to any library.

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