Ora-eri Nnokwa & Nri dynasty by Charles M Ezekwugo

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Title: Ora-eri Nnokwa & Nri dynasty Author: Charles M Ezekwugo Publisher: Lenjon Printers (Publishers) Publication Date: January 1, 1986 ISBN-10: 9782472018 ISBN-13: 978-9782472014 Language: English Print Length: 50 pages

Review: “Ora-eri Nnokwa & Nri dynasty” by Charles M Ezekwugo is a historical exploration of the rich and enduring legacy of the Nri dynasty and its influence on the Ora-eri and Nnokwa communities. This book, although concise, offers a deep dive into the traditions, customs, and governance that have shaped these communities’ identities.

Content Analysis: Ezekwugo’s work is a valuable contribution to the understanding of Igbo history and culture. It provides a detailed account of the Nri dynasty, known for its religious and cultural significance in Igbo history. The author meticulously documents the lineage and impact of the Nri, offering insights into the socio-political structures that have been pivotal in the region’s development.

Cultural Significance: For readers of Igbo Archives, this book is an essential read that captures the essence of Igbo ancestral heritage. It serves as a bridge connecting the past to the present, ensuring that the stories and achievements of the Nri dynasty continue to inspire future generations.

Conclusion: In “Ora-eri Nnokwa & Nri dynasty,” Ezekwugo has crafted a narrative that is both educational and engaging, making it an important resource for anyone interested in the historical narratives that have shaped the Igbo people’s way of life. It is a celebration of Igbo history, providing a lens through which we can view the complexities and richness of Igbo civilization.

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