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Title: IGBO NAMES & MEANING: A comprehensive article on the view of Ndị-Igbo on Igbo names, including list of Igbo names and their meaning
Author: Onyinye Favour Chibueze
Editor: Kelly Ifeanyi Aghaoba
Format: Kindle Edition
Publication Date: July 16, 2022
Print Length: 25 pages
ASIN: B0B6S93M26
Language: English


“IGBO NAMES & MEANING” explores the cultural significance of Igbo names, revealing the history, philosophy, and traditions of the Igbo people. Igbo names are not merely labels; they are deeply symbolic and reflective of life events and societal values.

Content Summary

Cultural Context The book highlights that Igbo names are thoughtfully chosen. Each name is steeped in meaning and tied to specific circumstances surrounding a child’s conception, birth, and life events.

Historical and Philosophical Insights Readers gain insight into the traditional Igbo worldview. Names serve as historical records and philosophical statements about life, fortune, and destiny.

Name List and Meanings A detailed list of Igbo names and their meanings is provided. This allows readers to understand and appreciate the depth of Igbo naming conventions.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled
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This book is particularly useful for those interested in African literature, cultural studies, and linguistics. It’s an excellent resource for understanding Igbo culture, especially in terms of how identity and heritage are conveyed through names.


  • Informative and Educational: Offers thorough insights into Igbo naming traditions.
  • Culturally Rich: Helps preserve and promote understanding of Igbo heritage.
  • Concise: With only 25 pages, it’s a quick yet informative read.


  • Limited Availability: This edition may not be available for purchase in some countries.
  • Short Length: The brevity might leave some readers wanting more detailed exploration.


“IGBO NAMES & MEANING” by Onyinye Favour Chibueze is a valuable addition to literature on African cultural practices. It provides an engaging and educational look at the significance of names in Igbo society, making it a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the depth of meaning behind cultural naming conventions.

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